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Are we there yet? Value finds in today’s market

November 6, 2018

With a technical correction in market values occurring in October, many investors are wondering whether it is time to snap up bargains… or wait on the sidelines for fear of further price falls. Popular market commentator and value investor Roger Montgomery of Montgomery Investment Management has long expressed concerns about high valuations; have his views changed since the recent sell off?

In this timely podcast, Roger gives Gemma Dale his views on:

  • What has driven global valuations to record highs, and which asset classes still offer value
  • His thoughts on market darlings such as Afterpay, A2 Milk, Wisetech and Appen
  • His specific allocation to financials and why he’s waiting to buy more
  • Whether CSL, REA and Maquarie offer value to today’s investor
  • Which sectors are likely to face headwinds in the coming months.

Gemma will be providing insights into what savvy investors are buying at the upcoming ASX Investor Days this month in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and we’ll also be giving away a free copy of Roger’s book to attendees. Click here to register.

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