Your Wealth

US Equities – Where to from here?

January 16, 2019

The outlook for US equities looks more uncertain in 2019 than it has in many years, with the withdrawal of supportive monetary policy and political tensions creating a perfect environment for increased volatility. With US stocks having delivered years of strong returns post the GFC, many are wondering whether the party can continue, or whether it’s time to pack up and go home.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Magellan’s Chris Wheldon gives his views on:

  • The outlook for US equities over the coming twelve months
  • Headwinds and tailwinds for particular sectors
  • Where to hide if markets take a turn for the worse, and
  • The value of staying invested in high quality stocks during a return to volatility.

Please note, this podcast was recorded prior to Christmas, so while some of the commentary may reflect that timing, the views of Chris and Magellan have not changed.

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