Your Wealth

Navigating a crisis with David Koch

March 25, 2020

Kochie has been a business journalist – and a business owner – covering economics and business for more than four decades. He’s seen – and survived - the Global Financial Crisis, the tech wreck, 1987’s Black Monday, the Asian Financial Crises and even the Gold Crisis of the late 1970s. So what can he tell us about how to survive as an investor and/or as a business owner about how to manage the coming weeks and months?

In this podcast, Kochie speaks from his own experience about:

  • Where to find quality information in a rapidly changing environment
  • Why businesses need to ‘go hard and go early’ to survive a crisis
  • What investors, including retirees, should do to shore up their savings
  • How to help small business at a crucial time, and
  • Why this time it really is different.
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