Your Wealth

Death and taxes: ensuring your money goes where you want it to when you die

May 22, 2019

Ensuring your loved ones are taken care of and your assets go to your intended beneficiaries is not as simple as downloading an online Will kit. Failing to get it right can cause additional grief and considerable cost to your loved ones once you’re gone, even if you feel you have very little to leave.

This week’s guest, Paul Evans of Makinson D’Apice is rated one of the top three estate lawyers in NSW according to Doyle’s, and assists his clients to prepare for the inevitable in the most effective way possible.

 In this podcast, he helps explain:

- Who can make a claim on your estate, even if they're not mentioned in your Will
- Strategies to protect your assets if your loved ones are underage or otherwise vulnerable
- How to plan the best outcome for your loved ones, and
- Ways to maximise your estate and minimise tax for those you care about.

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