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Don’t Let Tariffs Trump Your Portfolio

April 4, 2018

Global markets have entered a critical juncture due to the uncertainty involving trade tariffs announced by the Trump administration.

The U.S. argues that trade barriers are warranted in order to reduce its deficits against its trading partners as well as to protect American jobs and intellectual property. However, the risk is that as other countries retaliate against tariffs, there could be unintended consequences for various industries and workers and global growth is impacted.

In this podcast, Gemma Dale speaks to Mark Todd, Head of Customer Direct at NAB, about:

  • an overview of free trade versus protectionism
  • further detail behind why Trump has announced tariffs
  • the potential consequences for global growth and interest rates
  • potential implications for Australia, given China and the U.S. are its two biggest trading partners
  • what investors can do to protect their portfolios

This podcast was recorded on 23 March 2018.


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