Your Wealth

How to Choose a Financial Adviser

October 3, 2018

Trust in financial advisers is at an all-time low, and yet good quality financial advice can be the difference between a secure future and constant struggle.

In the latest episode of Your Wealth, host Gemma Dale speaks with SMSF guru Meg Heffron about the challenges of finding good quality advice and how to set yourself up for success. Neither Meg nor Gemma is a financial adviser, and they’ve had a wide variety of experiences. This frank discussion covers:

  • What areas of their finances they seek advice for, and which bits they do themselves,
  • Why Meg believes independence can be a myth, 
  • How Gemma spotted poor advice and you can learn to do the same, and 
  • What Meg values most from her adviser (hint: it’s not the return on her portfolio).

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