Your Wealth

How to do good and make money

October 20, 2020

Often charity and investing are seen as mutually exclusive – either you’re making money for yourself, or you’re helping others. Increasingly though, investment professionals have been trying to find a way to have a greater impact with their money.

Future Generation invests with some of the most successful fund managers in the country – and gets their services for free. In this podcast, CEO Louise Walsh explains:

  • How impact investing differs from ethical investing,
  • How some of Australia’s best investors are choosing to do more with their wealth
  • What impact donations are having on the not for profit sector, and
  • How to generate above benchmark returns with multiple objectives.

For your diary: Every year, nabtrade hosts its annual Charity Trading Day, where 100% of all brokerage is given to a chosen charity. This year, Charity Trading Day will be held on Thursday 26 November – charity partner to be announced shortly.

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