Your Wealth

Why indexing works - and when it doesn’t

December 5, 2018

S&P Dow Jones Indices Managing Director and Head of Global Index Investing Craig Lazzara, has dedicated his career to researching whether fund managers can consistently outperform their respective benchmarks. He and many researchers with nearly a century of studying the topic, conclude that, it is not often, and not for long.

To learn more about index investing, and understand the fundamental principles supporting such products as ETFs and index funds, tune in to hear Craig discuss:

  • How and why indices such as the S&P/ASX200 were created
  • Why fund managers often struggle to outperform their relevant index and how out performance fails to persist
  • Which characteristics investors should look for when choosing an investment manager, and
  • Why we choose to believe that benchmarks can be consistently beaten despite evidence to the contrary.

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