Your Wealth

The case for small and mid-cap companies for growth

July 11, 2018

Small and mid-cap companies are often overlooked by investors, as the information available to assist with investment decisions, can often be harder to find when compared with those companies in the ASX top 50.

 Yet many small and mid-cap stocks offer long-term growth opportunities that may exceed the mature investments that dominate investor portfolios.

In our latest episode of Your Wealth, Gemma Dale interviews Simon Herrmann of investment research provider Wise-owl about some of his investing insights, including:

  • Why contrarian investing for small caps doesn’t work,
  • The stock he bought that did nothing for five years - then increased 10 fold,
  • How to assess value in companies that are not well covered,
  • His current buying ideas, and
  • His 5 step process for investing outside the top 50.

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