Your Wealth

The how and why of investing in bonds and fixed income

February 6, 2019

We’ve recently received a number of enquiries about an asset class that rarely receives any attention from investors – yet its total market value substantially exceeds the equity market. It’s one that pays you an agreed interest rate for a set period of time when you lend your money to the Government or a company. Bonds.

In this episodes of Your Wealth, Mark Todd, fixed income guru and NAB’s Director of Investor Sales Markets, shares his expertise on Bonds, including:

  • What bonds are and how they work
  • How “capital guarantee” products work and when are they too good to be true
  • Factors to consider when choosing a bond, such as; term, rate, the quality of the borrower, likelihood of the company repaying you
  • How to get exposure to bonds, and
  • How do they compare to other securities.

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