Your Wealth

Women and Money: Why gender matters and what do about it

August 21, 2018

Former Financial Review journalist Bianca Hartge-Hazelman created the Women’s Index in 2017 to track women’s financial progress over time – the wage gap, tertiary enrolments, board representation and more. The data isn’t positive – in one telling statistic, women in Australia retire with just 73% the superannuation balance of men, despite living an average of four years longer.

In this episode of Your Wealth, Gemma Dale interviews Bianca about:

  • The unique life experiences that affect women’s ability to create and grow wealth,
  • Structural and policy challenges for women and those taking breaks from the workforce,
  • Why women’s financial opportunities matter to men, businesses and the economy, and
  • Ways to minimise the impact of gender roadblocks on yourself, your wife, your daughters and employees.

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